In the metropolis,
I saw a swarm of vultures
circling overhead,
watching and waiting,
waiting and watching.
‘The cities are too polluted.
Too much contamination,
Unhygienic living conditions,
Unabated epidemics
Too many deaths.
No wonder, many vultures
are eying the city !’,
I exclaimed.
Anyway, I had retired,
and had no problem in shifting.
So, I thought,
‘Let me move out’.

I shifted to a town.
I still saw a flock of vultures
circling overhead.
‘O my God ! the towns too are affected.
Too much toxin,
Spate of diseases,
Many deaths’,
I realised.

I shifted to a village.
There too I saw
A bunch of vultures,
Circling patiently.
‘God Almighty ! even villages
are not free from this evil,
this pollution,
this venom,
these deaths’.

So I shifted to
A remote Ashram in Himalayas,
away from the crowded civilization.
I looked up and found that,
Still there were several vultures overhead.

Exasperated, I asked the one
who was circling over my head,
‘Why are you here?’
The vulture replied,
‘The new conqueror, Pollution,
Has spread his wings everywhere.
Cities, towns, villages, farms, ashrams,
Every nook and corner of this Earth
is under his attack
And his army is killing millions all round.
Our scavenging work has increased million-fold.
So, every day every vulture
has to complete his allotted quota.
And, that number is increasing day by day.

‘Several humans like you,
are trying to run away,
to villages, farms, hamlets, ashrams,
hoping to escape pollution’s slaughtering army,
But everywhere the killer has its sway.

‘O human,
your loss is our gain.
all your running is in vain.
Stand still and wait for my foray
Because, wherever you run,
you are a part of my quota today’.

– – –

( From my Book ‘The Earth In Custody’)

– Subhash S. Naik

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