SOME SHER – On Pollution

( NOTE : Sher are couplets. They are
a type of classical Persian & Urdu verse.)

Why do you complain about the flood ?
The dam was so constructed by you,
that its breaking up was inevitable.
Of course, the Human will go to Heaven.
After all, it too has to be transformed into Hell,
just as he did to Earth.
You have awakened the slumbering pollution.
Now it has opened its third eye, like Shiva ;
now you are bound to be charred completely.
The Homo Sapiens are not a carbon copy of Dinosaurs.
Yet, the end of both is supposed to be identical !
Can I call this a city ?
It is in fact a garbage-dump.
I have given up hope that the Earth will become
a paradise;
No choice but to strike a friendship with a it,
even though it is pure hell !
Says the slum-shanty to the gutter –
‘I don’t like your company ; see how clean I am !’
O Man, why did you harass Nature,
the young and beautiful lady ?
Now you are getting a thorough whack
on your face !
O Man, you threw away flowers and chose thorns
No wonder you have Cactus in your hands.
The Lord banished Adam from Paradise to Earth
Now Adam’s children have banished themselves
from Earth to Hell.

Bridges collapsed, buildings tumbled down,
roads ruptured
But, no earthquake is to be blamed, Humans are.
I get only half a bite to eat ; and I am sad
That, tomorrow I won’t get even that, because
pollution is eating up land’s fertility.
All is not well with the age-old suicide program
Alas ! pollution has dried up all wells !

(From my forthcoming Book ‘Wreath for the Earth ?’ )

– Subhash S. Naik

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