SOME MUKTAKS – On Pollution

(Muktak is a 4-lined Verse,
common in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi)

My heart wants a soft embrace
My heart is eager for touch of warm breath
But I do not desire the soft touch of a Vish-kanya
And I want to stay away from the touch of
venomous pollution.
Yes, of course, it is true
That, pollution is like a burning fire
But, we have no right to complain
Because, Human Beings are
the creators of this Pollution.
Somnath is full of grime,
Vrindaban is full of muck
Jagannathpuri has become
the abode of garbage
Dwarka is now filthy,
Haridwar is dirty
Kedarnath is melting, Ganges is unclean.
But, do not blame Pollution
for the contamination
O Human, it is you who has spread
this impurity-poison..
The venomous killer has struck
Foul smell of death is all-around
On seeing destruction of Earth
and the cadaver of civilization,
Pollution is proud of its achievement.
Heaven is perpetual happiness, Hell is full of agony
God is the ruler of Heaven, and
the ruler of Hell is Satan
There’s no doubt whether
the Earth is Heaven or Hell
Here, there is agony of Pollution, and
the ruler of Earth is the Human.
Rich folks are carefree
All restrictions are for the poor
Rich nations are enjoying consumption
Poor nations have to control emission.
Temples and mosques are empty
Towns and villages are desolate
The aggressor Pollution advances
The number of Humans reduces.
Ice melts in the glass,
increasing the pleasure of wine.
Ice melts in the glaciers
increasing the anxiety of the populace.
Whether a premier or a pauper
Whether rich or poor
Everybody’s fate turned into ashes
When Pollution became the Emperor.
Everybody has to reach Yamlok
And render life’s account to Chitragupta
What justification will you render
For giving rise to Pollution ?

(From my forthcoming Book ‘Wreath for the Earth ?’ )

– Subhash S. Naik

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