( Note : Haiku is a type of classical Japanese verse. It is 3 lined.
The Japanese format of having certain fixed no. of syllables
In each line, is not followed below. )

The world is a rose, and pollution a thorn
The thorn bites the earth, on whose bosom it has grown
And pricks Human the gardener, who has nurtured it.
The galloping legion
Of pollution
Is conquering nation after nation.
Humans are dying
Pollution is dyeing
the world, with colour Red.
“The Colonial Raj is long over.”
“So you say, but is it, my dear ?
The earth is now colonized by pollution!”
Why this hullabaloo ?
The Eskimo has lost his igloo.
It has been pilfered by pollution.
The idol remains idle
The devotee remains doubtful
Pollution remains powerful.
Why don’t you teach
That, pollution is a leech ?
It sucks Human blood.
Better pray
that, pollution does not
make you a prey.
I quote a canon
The enemy fires a cannon
It is difficult to win against pollution.
I am being fried alive
The dormant pollution-volcano
Has come alive.
– – –

( From my Book ‘The Earth In Custody’)

– Subhash S. Naik

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