Yesterday, the villains were
Khar and Dooshan ;
Today’s villain is Pollution.
Yesterday’s challenge was
From Ravan, Lanka’s emperor ;
Today’s challenge is
The imbalance in Nature.
Yesterday, Seeta was in danger.
Today, the glaciers,
due to rising temperature.
Yesterday, Laxman
got mortally injured ;
Today, green forests
are getting slaughtered.
Yesterday, the mighty ocean
was causing an obstruction ;
Today, the depleting water-level
is causing concern.
Yesterday, Hanuman,
the son of the Wind,
was Lord Ram’s messenger ;
Today, the poisonous wind
is the Death’s harbinger.
Yesterday’s enemy-generals were
Meghnad and Kumbhkarna ;
Today’s , every Human.
Yesterday, Lanka did burn ;
Today, it is the Earth’s turn.

Seetamai was freed
from Ravan’s clutches,
through Lord Ram’s determination ;
Mother Earth is to be freed
from Pollution’s clutches,
Through common man’s positive action.

– – –
(From my forthcoming Book ‘Wreath For The Earth’,
which contains poems that are a free-translation of my own Hindi Poems).

– Subhash S. Naik

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