• Here, there and yonder, I wander and wander

About the Meaning of Life , I wonder and wonder

Stretching my limited ability,  I ponder and ponder

But alas ! the Mystery eludes me, ‘cause I blunder & blunder.


  • Be it sunshine, snow, rain or thunder,

There are rogues who plunder & plunder

The hidden wealth of the Earth, they squander and squander

And then the Marauders point their collective  finger

At ME !


  • The Cup of Life may have nectar or venom ; we have to drink it

Forcibly, willingly, stoically ;  but we have to drink it

No matter the ‘When’  and  ‘Why’ ; we HAVE TO  drink it

In anguish, we have to find Joy , and we have to drink it !


  • Reverence has no relevance for me

For, if I don’t seek knowledge, how can I revere a Learned one ?

I am totally ignorant , but I don’t know it at all

‘Stumbling blindly’  is the fate of a bumbling fool.


  • You are Beholder of Knowledge , and I lack it completely

You are Enlightened, and I stagger in the Dark blindly

You stand at the Glowing Peak , and  I am down in the dump

And yet, I will rise ; for , you are holding my hand .


  • I wash your feet with fragrant Rose Water

I anoint them with scented Sandalwood paste

I embrace them and hold them close to my heart

Because, O Learned One, you are Knowledge personified.


  • I can’t be you ; and you can’t be me

Your lot is yours ; and my lot, mine

You can walk this path without support

And yet, you hold my hand ; because I  need it.


  • It was ‘Fall’, and I was despondent

And I bumped into a Learned One

Lo and Behold ! , suddenly the ‘Fall’ turned into ‘Spring’ !


  • I look up to you and plead to elevate me

And, suddenly someone else comes

And says the same thing  to me  !


*  *  *

–      Subhash S. Naik

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