A fast car traveling on the road
Is overtaken by a faster train
from above.
That’s due to the Over-Bridge.

And here is another Over-Bridge –
The vehicle of human-progress,
traveling fast on the path of Time
is overtaken by still-faster pollution.

This journey will soon be over.


A Board near the Fly-Over Bridge instructs –
‘Turn Left for going to the Right’.

Is that why
The civilization has turned towards downfall –
So that it can move towards progress ?
Is that why
This Earth has been made into Hell –
So that it would become Heaven ?


The Government has built
An express-way ,
So that all travelers
can reach their distant destination

The civilization has created
An express-way named Pollution,
So that all humans
can quickly reach
The destination called Death.

At the local-train stations in Mumbai,
The Government is providing
Sky-walks for all travelers,
So that they can get out of the stations fast.

The human-race
Has provided pollution,
So that all humans
Can get out from this Earth fast,
And can ‘sky-walk’ in the heaven above.


See this sea-link in Mumbai.
It connects one part of the mega-city
To the other part.
Sky above and sea below ;
And hoards of cars in between ,
Progressing on the seaway .

See this pollution-linked Earth.
This link connects Life to Death.
Water-pollution below, and Air-pollution above ;
And in between them ,
Hoards of human-lives devastated by pollution,
Staggering on the path of oblivion.

(From my forthcoming Book ‘Heal The Wounded Earth’,
in which the poems are a free-translation of my own Hindi Poems).

– Subhash S. Naik

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