1. It is said that –
‘There is hope till there is breath’.
Today, our breath is stifled by pollution.
There is no hope of
the continuance of civilization.
2. One hunter
One arrow
One bird falls down dead.
Sage Valmiki became a poet,
And he composed Ramayana.

Today the fowler named Pollution
is taking millions of lives.
But –
Even before his pen touches paper,
Today’s Valimiki falls down dead.
3. Man is the highest rung
in Life’s ascent .
Pollution-rust is eating away the ladder.
Very soon, Homo Sapiens will become
Another ‘Neanderthal’,
Evolution’s extinct link .
4. Be careful while riding this vehicle
Heavy load, breakneck speed, no brakes.
The pollution- gradient is dangerous
There is bound to be a grave accident.
The civilization is bound to perish.
5. The human race is a fallen tree
flowing in the speedy river of Time.
Pollution is a mighty waterfall.
It will fling down this tree
And shatters it into pieces infinite.
6. Now Eid can not be celebrated
Nor the ‘Karwa Chauth’ festival
Now the moon is hidden
Due to pollution-fog.
7. O Chakor bird,
Why chant the moon’s name now ?
Why crave to see it ?
Chant the Earth’s name instead ;
Because –
Now the Earth too
is fast becoming just like the moon :
Beautiful from a distance
but uninhabitable and baron.
Oh yes,
That’s what pollution has done to the Earth !
8. The driver is the son of Adam.
He napped at the wheel,
And caused an accident
to the car named civilization,
at the bend called pollution.
9. Yes, you may call me ‘butshikan’,
the idol-destroyer.
In the temple of my heart
I had venerated the beautiful idol of Civilization.
Today I have shattered that idol myself,
After seeing the polluting acts of civilized humans.
10. Civilization is a chandelier
Supported by a cord named Nature
The lamp of civilization lights up the abode .
The pollution-rat is nibbling at the cord
The chandelier plummets
And the Human race is crushed underneath.
11. The hutments hang their head with humiliation
Skyscrapers have their nose in the air with pride.
But why , when both are alike ?
Both generate pollution uniformly
Both endanger environment equally.
12. Poor people try to save wealth.
Poor Nations try to save fuel
in the hope of wealth,
in the hope of Carbon-Credits.
13. I am relieved to see the Governmental Report,
Because it says that
‘The pollution is reducing’ ;
Even though
My stifled breath tells me otherwise.
14. The equations of environment
are beyond comprehension.
The level of ground-water is going down,
Even though
the speed of glacier-melting
is increasing.
15. Enjoy the beauty of the Spring
Enjoy the enchanting monsoon.
All these will soon disappear
More and more pollution will appear.
16. Do not look for an oasis in this arid desert
Give up the hope of quenching your thirst .
Now the whole world is a barren wasteland
Now there’s not a droplet of water in any oasis
Now pollution has tightened its noose.
Now –
Thirst , only thirst
Irrepressible thirst
Now, one has to live a parched life
And drink only bleeding tears.

(From my forthcoming Book ‘Wreath For The Earth’,
which contains poems that are a free-translation of my own Hindi Poems).

– Subhash S. Naik

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